Getting Started with GSOC


I am Shivam Agarwal, a fourth year undergraduate student interested in applying for GSOC 2018 under pymc organization. I have a good knowledge of machine learning. Can anyone tell me where to get started?

Did you have a look at the GSoC project page?

In general, you should get start by getting familiar with the pymc3 code base: updating the notebooks, running examples, PR some small fix etc.

Hi @shivam207, I did GSOC last summer with PyMC3. In addition to what @junpenglao said, I’d recommend focusing on one of the subjects on that wiki list and thinking carefully about what your contribution plan would be. It’s good to work on a project that you know pretty confidently you can complete over the summer, keeping in mind that testing and documentation/examples of usage are just as important as the core code contribution itself. I think to get the most out of it, it’s good to consider what you could do if difficulties arise, and what further work would be if you finish early. Good luck!


I am interested in participating in GSoC, working on ABC. I have been reading Google’s student guide for writing a proposal and I was planning on taking a look at elfi. Any advice would be helpful.