GSoC 2019 application

Hello everyone, my name is Jian Geng. I am from China. I have more than three years of Python development experience and have in-depth research on time series. I hope to improve the time series model in pymc3. I have found the python code for prophet (, and I hope that I can implement this model in pymc3.

@Ravin Kumar @Thomas Wiecki
May I discuss with you?

FYI: there is already a prophet like library based on pymc3:

First of all, thank you very much for your help, I will refer to this code. But I think the idea in the idea list is that we need to add prophet to in the of pymc3 as a class, similar to ‘AR1’ etc. Finally, I just fixed an issue.I have @ you to help review it. Thank you

May I discuss with you? I have fixed few issues of pymc. I want to develop the idea of GSoC 2019.But I think if you discuss with me will help so much.

Instead of tagging developers here randomly, it might helps to think about your own expertise (ideally something you can show - gist codes, jupyter notebooks, github repo, etc), and focus on a GSoC topic you are comfortable in contributing.

We have a lot of strong candidates this year, so please carefully evaluate your own strength and purpose the best project for you.

Thank you very much for your reminder, I will pay great attention to it.