[GSoC Proposal] Add better support for Time Series models

Hello mentors,

I am really sorry for being so late. I would like to work with PyMC3 this GSoC (2020) on the project “Add better support for Time Series models”.
I have already submitted the draft proposal link on the GSoC website. Here is the link.

It would be very helpful it you could provide you valuable improvement suggestions.

@twiecki @RavinKumar

Thank You

Hi, techytushar. Neatly organized proposal draft there. To aid out with what I am aware of, it seems there is another new member that would also wish to work on time-series - maybe work with them on it?

These forums have many interesting posts on many types of models, and so I would suggest you look around now and then maybe to find some guide-posts on what to do. Good luck!

Thank you for your reply. I already looked into that thread and found some useful information there. I think the author of that thread was willing to apply for this project but hasn’t submitted a proposal yet. I am familiar with most of the time series models I mentioned in the proposal, except the Facebook’s Prophet. I am willing to study that in more detail to be able to successfully implement it.
I am applying here at the last moment because my internship program got cancelled due to the pandemic and I don’t have any plans for the summer as of now. I am willing to contribute more to PyMC3 during the application review period to get better understanding of the codebase.

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