GSOC 2023 Projects

Greetings of the day community,

I have been exploring the pymc and pytensor projects for the last few weeks and try to make some contributions by fixing beginner-friendly issues in these two repositories. As I am new to this repository, I got great support from the maintainers and community to understand the issue and help me to implement new features.

I have recently completed my undergraduate in Computer Science. During this period I was deeply involved to carry out research projects in the domain of machine learning. During this period I got to know about pymc. During my exploration of open-source organizations, I am glad to find pymc as an organization. I have explored the projects and among them, in a few projects, I want to contribute.

The project " Fast Exact Gaussian Processes" and " Spatial modeling" are the projects I am excited to work on. Currently, I am trying to understand these two projects. Any initial points from the mentors can help me to implement small POCs on my end which can help me to draft a good proposal.

Thanks & Regards
Raj Parekh