GSOC 2024 Project Idea : Improving the linear algebra support for PyTensor

I am a 3rd year undergraduate ML research student. As part of my coursework, I have a lot of familiarity working with PyTorch and have a strong hold over Linear Algebra concepts. The project about using the CoLa paper to improve speed seemed really interesting to me and going over the paper, I could make sense of a lot of things. I would love to have a further discussion about working on this project.


hey @ricardoV94 and @jessegrabowski !
i see that you are the mentors for this project. where can i find some issues related to graph rewrites so i can look at the code and have a better idea of thinking about the project?

Hey hey!

There’s an issue tracker for it here. We started doing some work here as well, so you can see how a rewrite looks in a simple case. That PR stalled because of this issue, which would be a nice one to tackle if you’re looking for the first PR you need as part of your GSoC application.

The deadline is coming up pretty quick, so tag me if you need any help with getting a PR submitted or if you want feedback on your application

Yep cool I’ll get to work quick. I have commented on the issue you described so I can start working

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