How to solve regression problem with no related data each other

This is more of a problem solving question rather than programming. I’ll delete this post if it is not appropriate.

I am trying to solve a regression problem. And I looked at scatter plot that is frustrating me.
I can’t see any continuous independent variables which has positive or negative relationship with target variable “perf”.

Is there any models or algorithms that can help this situation?

I would really appreciate with little advices.

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I have a few comments here:

  1. I actually see some correlation in those scatter plots. I think age is negative correlated with perf, and work is positively correlated with perf. hpc is also probably anticorrelated

  2. Just because they appear to be marginally uncorrelated doesn’t mean that they can’t be correlated after controlling for other variables. This is the point of multiple linear regression - you can find a linear combination of predictors which is much better than any single predictor.

Thanks for replying! I give it a try!

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