Initialization fails when using LogNormal

Running this model with Pymc4 leads to an initialization error. It seems that large values from LogNormal overflow to infinity. If I change LogNormal to smaller values like ~1-5, then it works. Interestingly,running the same model with Stan works fine.

Any idea why this is happening? Is this a overflow issue? Can this be a bug?

import pymc as pm
import aesara
import arviz as az

import os
import json
import random
import sys
import numpy as np


data = dict()
data['x'] =aesara.shared(np.array([[0.3127,0.7185,0.9494,0.5597,0.7358,0.1210,0.6191,0.5667,0.4503,0.5986],[0.0269,0.7518,0.9182,0.6499,0.4869,0.3073,0.8153,0.6999,0.0878,0.1670],[0.7447,0.5607,0.0876,0.7848,0.5527,0.6284,0.2125,0.6352,0.8686,0.7983],[0.1576,0.0972,0.6508,0.7716,0.6274,0.1363,0.7613,0.2494,0.3428,0.9261],[0.7717,0.4577,0.0172,0.8652,0.8721,0.1606,0.9938,0.0563,0.5016,0.5695],[0.1718,0.2058,0.9203,0.6626,0.5851,0.1158,0.4355,0.0705,0.7436,0.2993],[0.3664,0.5945,0.0679,0.5061,0.9727,0.2606,0.8866,0.7922,0.8299,0.4857],[0.1521,0.6116,0.8895,0.8145,0.8965,0.3734,0.5860,0.2676,0.9310,0.6909],[0.6845,0.6834,0.3010,0.4828,0.8348,0.3919,0.4748,0.6864,0.1595,0.2750],[0.1263,0.8909,0.6362,0.1842,0.4666,0.9637,0.3681,0.4188,0.3020,0.7719]]).astype("float64"))
data['weight'] =aesara.shared(np.array([3.9238,3.1421,6.5905,2.8718,1.7819,1.4975,0.1834,7.6811,5.0964,2.7595]).astype("float64"))
data['y'] =aesara.shared(np.array([14.3773,22.0280,21.5997,24.4789,25.8981,15.0056,20.0997,17.3859,20.7086,22.1846]).astype("float64"))

with pm.Model() as model:
    w=pm.Normal('w',w_param_0,10.0, shape=(10,))
    obs1=pm.Normal('obs1',['x'],w)+b,1.0, observed=data['y'])

    with model:
        step = pm.step_methods.hmc.nuts.NUTS(max_treedepth=10,target_accept=0.8,step_scale=0.25)
        samples = pm.sample(draws=1000, chains=4, tune=1000, step=step, init="auto", jitter_max_retries=10)


WARNING (aesara.tensor.blas): Using NumPy C-API based implementation for BLAS functions.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 33, in <module>
    samples = pm.sample(draws=1000, chains=4, tune=1000, step=step, init="auto", jitter_max_retries=10)
  File "pymc/pymc/", line 539, in sample
  File "pymc/pymc/", line 1709, in check_start_vals
    "Initial evaluation of model at starting point failed!\n"
pymc.exceptions.SamplingError: Initial evaluation of model at starting point failed!
Starting values:
{'w_param_0_log__': array(831.76046759), 'w': array([inf, inf, inf, inf, inf, inf, inf, inf, inf, inf]), 'b': array(1.)}

Initial evaluation results:
{'w_param_0': -198.96, 'w': nan, 'b': -3.22, 'obs1': -inf}

Stan results:

matrix[10,10] x;
real weight[10];
vector[10] y;
vector[10] w;
real b;
real<lower=0> w_param_0;

Stan Output:

                    Mean     MCSE   StdDev        5%       50%    95%    N_Eff  N_Eff/s    R_hat
w[1]             1.4e-01  1.7e-01  4.6e+00  -7.7e+00   2.0e-01    7.8  7.3e+02  8.2e+02  1.0e+00
w[2]            -6.5e+00  1.5e-01  4.1e+00  -1.3e+01  -6.5e+00   0.21  8.0e+02  9.0e+02  1.0e+00
w[3]            -3.8e+00  1.4e-01  3.7e+00  -1.0e+01  -3.7e+00    2.4  6.9e+02  7.7e+02  1.0e+00
w[4]             8.1e+00  8.2e-02  3.1e+00   2.8e+00   8.1e+00     13  1.4e+03  1.6e+03  1.0e+00
w[5]            -1.1e+00  7.5e-02  3.2e+00  -6.3e+00  -1.0e+00    4.0  1.8e+03  2.0e+03  1.0e+00
w[6]             1.3e+01  1.6e-01  4.5e+00   6.1e+00   1.3e+01     21  7.7e+02  8.6e+02  1.0e+00
w[7]             9.5e+00  1.6e-01  4.2e+00   2.4e+00   9.5e+00     17  6.9e+02  7.7e+02  1.0e+00
w[8]             4.1e-01  6.4e-02  2.1e+00  -3.2e+00   4.1e-01    4.0  1.1e+03  1.2e+03  1.0e+00
w[9]            -6.5e+00  6.4e-02  2.0e+00  -9.9e+00  -6.5e+00   -3.2  1.0e+03  1.1e+03  1.0e+00
w[10]            1.2e+00  4.1e-02  1.7e+00  -1.8e+00   1.3e+00    4.0  1.7e+03  1.9e+03  1.0e+00
b                1.4e+01  2.0e-01  5.7e+00   4.4e+00   1.4e+01     23  8.2e+02  9.1e+02  1.0e+00
w_param_0        3.4e-01  2.3e-02  1.0e+00   1.3e-21   9.8e-06    2.4  1.9e+03  2.1e+03  1.0e+00

Versions and main components:

  • PyMC Version: v4.0.0b3
  • Aesara Version: 2.4.0
  • Python Version: 3.7.11
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04

@cluhmann @ricardoV94 any thoughts on this?

Those are very large values for a LogNormal (the mean and sigma are defined on the log scale), I imagine your Nornal w may just be overflowing with those values.

Yes, thats my intuition as well. But shouldnt it work if pymc is using 64 bit precision? Works with stan.

I am not sure if Stan is parametrizing the same way. It looks like their loc and scale may be on the output space and not on the log space like pymc

Edit: No, it seems like it’s the same scale

Anyway you are getting insane values with log_

That for sure overflows to +inf when exponentiated.

np.exp(800.0)  # np.inf

My guess is that Stan is not initializing at the mean but at zero. You can try to set the initvals manually:

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