It seems that BART's predict method always return same results

Sorry for my posting constantly.

I’m using BART recently and I wondered this is a correct behavior.
I percept pmb.predict returns generated samples from the BART-posterior but I always get same results.

I tried BART’s introduction notebook from here and this is a capture of my result of the notebook.

You can see the predict method always returns same samples on this code’s result block.

I set 4 to size argument but results are same.
(I think there should be 4 lines. Also I set 99 to size but results are same too.)

And the code’s block in the original notebook gets different samples.

PyMC: v4.1.2
pymc_bart: v0.0.3



I have some additional information to share.

I try to find a workaround lately, but I still can’t find any.

My enviroment is on M1 mac and I wonder this is a cause.
But I still can’t specify which package occurs this issue.

There are list of what I did. All of them are not working.

And I have another environment on GoogleColab (forcely install python3.9) and this works fine.
So I guess the current version(0.0.3) of BART may doesn’t work on M1 Mac


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This is strongly recommended as the way to install. The fact that it is not working is definitely something to be resolved, regardless of the BART issues. If you can, please open an issue with further details and we can figure out what’s going on.

Here I opened.


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