Using pymc and pymc-bart


I have installed pymc and pymc-bart on my local computer and I want to build a bart model. But when importing the modules, it seems pymc-bart has some errors. Could anyone help with this? Thanks.

I think your version of PyMC is too outdated. I am not sure which one is needed but you can try the latest

In this example it looks pymc 4.3.0 works with pymc-bart

That example is using pymc_bart 0.2.0 (there’s a watermark near the bottom). Which version did you install?

Newer versions need a more recent version of pymc

I’m using pymc 4.3.0 and pymc-bart 0.3.0. I guess that’s the reason. How could I install a 0.2.0 pymc-bart? I think pip install pymc-bart would get a 0.3.0 pymc-bart.

Depending on how you installed pymc-bart:
conda install pymc-bart==0.2.0
pip install pymc-bart==0.2.0