Joint Optimization of GP

In pymc3,

when we create two GPs with squared exp kernel inside a model with shared hyper parameters (lengthscale and output variance), are they jointly optimised? If yes, how is it done under the hood?

y1 ~ N(gp1,sigma1)
y2 ~ N(gp2,sigma2)

p(lengthscale, output variance | y1) ~ p(y1 | lengthscale, output variance)p(lengthscale, output variance)
p(lengthscale, output variance | y2) ~ p(y2 | lengthscale, output variance)p(lengthscale, output variance)

Does it call the nuts sampler for both y1 and y2? How can we do joint optimisation? I would like to know what’s happening in the backend?

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They are sampled jointly yes - once you have the full model written down, the likelihood function is fully constructed - the question/problem is how you can use it. Optimization is one way (finding some interesting point in the geometry in this high-dimensional space, like local maximum etc), sampling is another way (so that you can do E(f(x)) by doing E(f(x_i))). You can learn more about likelihood function here: which would naturally answer questions like “How can we do joint optimisation for both y1 and y2?”.

As for the technical details about NUTS sampler, best to start with