Launching Spyder from pymc_env

Hello, I installed the pymc package as suggested in the installation page, i.e., by creating a pymc_env in Miniconda. I then installed spyder in the pymc_env. Upon launching, I receive the error message “from IccProfile: failed minimal tag size sanity” in the Miniconda prompt. The Miniconda prompt freezes right away. Meanwhile, Spyder launches but is highly unstable (e.g., it crashes when opening files). Any experiences/suggestions with this? Any other IDE which is known to be more compatible? I do not wish to use notebooks. Thanks.

I have an environment (Ubuntu 20.02) in miniconda in which I have spyder 5.5.0 and pymc 5.10.0 installed which runs fine.

I also have

IccProfile: failed minimal tag size sanity

with spyder though I dont think that is related to pymc (and apparently ignorable)

If you cant fix it, you can try the suggested way of installing spyder (install spyder and pymc in seperate environments and point to python interpreter on where ever pymc is installed which should also have spyder kernels installed).