Live stream: Updating "Doing Bayesian Data Analysis" notebooks

I will be updating the set of notebooks that go along with the “Doing Bayesian Data Analysis” book by John K. Kruschke and will live stream my progress.

[Recorded] Live stream is here.
Notebooks are here.

Most notebooks need to be updated from PyMC version 4 to PyMC version 5 (a few are still written for PyMC v3). There will also be some updates to adopt current PyMC/ArViZ best practices. Given the introductory nature of the book, I may also be talking about Bayesian approaches to data analysis more generally. Come hang out and/or ask questions. Lurkers welcome.


Hoping to make some more progress later today. Last time I got through the introductory chapters. So this time I’ll be updating more “modely” notebooks. Chapters 16-18 have already been ported to PyMC v4, whereas chapters 19-24 are still written in v3. We’ll see how far I can get.

[Recorded] Live stream is here starting at 17:00 UTC (figure out your timezone here).