Looking for an updated documentation

Back in time around 2019, I was learning PyMC3, all the examples make use of Theano, Theano Tensor, and stuff like that. I remember that the repository versions I am using are Theano 1.0.5 and pymc3 3.8…

I am aware that PyMC3 and Theano have changed (Theano has been even removed)… However, the examples I used to learn PyMC3 are still out-of-date… Can anybody, help with these updating tasks???

I would check here for a bit of of an update. There are multiple things that are likely slowing documentation progress, including the plan to move to tensorflow (and subsequent reversal) and the switch from theano to theano-pymc and then to aesara. But there is a Season of Docs going on, so hopefully things are moving in the right direction.

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Dear @cluhmann,

Thanks for the reply, I will be a little bit more patient, knowing that there are plans to update the tutorials, and examples to newer versions…