Looking for any resources about modeling/predicting revenue/sales


I gathered my courage and registered here today despite having very limited knowledge of pymc and bayesian approaches so any help (articles, books, resources, pointing in the right direction is welcome). :slight_smile:

I have some basic pymc knowledge with building some models for A/B testing and similar simple projects. Now I am thinking if I can capture the essence of underlying processes for “generating” new user registering, posting projects at their own personal rate, paying them with their own personal rate, and slowly dying off at again different rates (the ones that pay more often would die off slower as they are more recent), payment sizes (strong clustering around mean but quite a long tail), and so on.

I didn’t find any resources about this at all. I’m wondering if this is something that one would use pymc for at all. If so, is there any similar topics (or with similar set up) that I could search for to get more ideas on how these things are dealt with?

Thank you in advance!