Micromamba - not finding dylib

When I updated my micromamba environment this morning PyMC stopped working. It gives the following message.

Warning: Could not load “/Users/bryanpalmer/micromamba/envs/312/lib/graphviz/libgvplugin_pango.6.dylib” - It was found, so perhaps one of its dependents was not. Try ldd.

I have PyMC 5.13.1. I am using an M1 mac studio. I am running Python 3.12.3

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I found a solution … completely remove and reinstall the python environment I was using

rm -rf ~/micromamba/envs/312
micromamba env create -f 312.yaml

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Yes. One of the interesting “quirks” of python environments/installations is that upgrading can mangle the dependency tree. Thus, it is always recommended to install PyMC via the official installation instructions. You can try upgrading/updating, but if things get weird, it’s always best to try a fresh install/environment.

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