Mixture regression

I’d really appreciate any help with modelling this data.


The plot above is the x and y with a colour map determined by the temperature and for each datapoint. I’ve drawn on two lines to show the linear models I am trying to estimate. A linear relationship that describes both the low temperature steps and one that fits the high temperature steps. Identifying x and y intercepts and gradients in both cases.
I have tried to treat the data with the following hierarchical model. But this model isn’t achieving my aims.

and here is the data

mix_iso.csv (981 Bytes)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

You can have a look at this discussion: Gaussian Mixture of regression However, I think in your case you dont have enough information (i.e., data point) to identify the two slopes, you might need pretty strong prior to make this work.

Thanks. I’ll have a play around with more restrictive priors.