Modeling Revenue in A/B Test

I have data in the form of:

Day,  Views A, Actions A, Revenues A, Views B, Actions B, Revenues B
1, 100, 5, 21, 98, 6, 30.4
2, 99, 7, 28.8, 105, 6, 29.9
20 102, 6, 24.5, 97, 8, 40.1 


  • Views - Number of views per page.
  • Actions - Number of actions made by viewers which generate revenues.
  • Revenue - The revenue per day.

All data is given on per day granularity, No access for per user data.
I am after a model for the parameter Revenue per View.
There are models given per user data (See Revenue metric for ab testing) but how can one adapt them into aggregated data?

Which model would be reasonable?
How would you use the actions information in it?

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Maybe some model directly on the ratio?

Something like Gaussian with per variation learned mean and shared variance?