New Webinar: PyMC-Marketing Yearly Catch-up & New Use Cases (21th Dec, 17:00 UTC)

Date: Thursday, December 21, 2023
Time: 17:00 UTC / 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm Berlin

Host: Dr. Thomas Wiecki, CEO & Founder of PyMC Labs
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As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable journey of PyMC-Marketing. We’ve witnessed significant advancements with the addition of several new features, and now, our users are beginning to harness their potential.

Join us on this special occasion, for an immersive experience. We’re excited to present a live demo, meticulously designed to showcase a selection of compelling use cases. These cases are not just theoretical constructs; they are real-world applications demonstrated by actual users of PyMC-Marketing. Witness firsthand how our platform has been instrumental in their success.

To add more substance to our session and ensure it’s not just informative but also engaging, we’ve planned a unique segment featuring the new GPT model developed by Niall. The new GPT will be the most powerful assistant to create MMM models.

Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the world of PyMC-Marketing, discover new use cases, and explore the ease of using GPT for your MMM models. We promise you an event filled with learning, interaction, and innovation.

Looking forward to an insightful and invigorating session with you!

:briefcase: About the speaker:

  1. Niall Oulton

    Niall Oulton has built a reputation as a leading expert in the field of marketing analytics, with a specialization in Bayesian Marketing Mix Modelling. His career, spanning over a decade, has seen him on both sides of the business landscape - agency and client. His rich background provides him with a unique perspective, making him an expert in understanding and navigating the complexities of both worlds.

    Previously, Niall played an integral role in the development and deployment of an entire Bayesian MMM workflow at a global agency. This experience enabled him to gain valuable insight into the potential risks, benefits and pitfalls of in-housing a marketing effectiveness measurement programme.

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  2. Carlos Eduardo Trujillo Agostini

    Carlos, a seasoned marketing scientist with international experience, has built a career pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing strategies. Now, at Bolt, he’s leading the evolution of their Marketing Mix Modeling through the innovative use of PyMC, demonstrating the transformative power of data-driven decision making in the marketing realm

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In case you missed the live webinar, the recording has been posted to YouTube.

Watch the recording here:

PyMC-Marketing was unveiled in April 2023, and we’re overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and fantastic response!

In our recent webinar, Niall and Carlos shared the successes and advancements of PyMC Marketing, highlighting features like flexible priors and a budget optimizer, along with a sneak peek into what’s coming in 2024. For those who missed the live event, the recording is now available on YouTube.

Here’s a quick recap of what you can expect:

  • They introduce MMM-GPT ( – your Expert AI Assistant for Marketing Insights and Strategy, and a new dashboard for configuring and analyzing PyMC Marketing models.

  • Learn about training processes, customization of prior distributions, and the importance of transparent assumptions in the model.

  • Discover how the model can be used to evaluate and compare the performance of different marketing channels, allocate media spend budget, and optimize marketing spending.

  • Gain insights into upcoming features such as out-of-sample predictions, time variational coefficients, and hierarchical models.

  • Explore MMM-GPT as an AI assistant for marketing strategies and the freely accessible tool, PyMC, for setting priors.

  • Dive into various options and features available in PyMC-Marketing, including the use of the do operator and the possibility of introducing synthetic control and experiment features.