Plot ppc with multiple colors

Dear all,

May I know how to plot ppc with multiple color?
For example, I wish to plot different color for both posterior predictive and the mean.

I checked the source code of plotppc, it seems like the color option only accept string instead of list, which means that only one color allow.
Correct me if I am wrong and please let me know how can I plot with different color in this case.

Thank you very much.

(speaking about the development version, I am not sure if this has been released already or not)

You should use colors instead of color which can take a list of length 3. color will be deprecated eventually in favour of colors.

Hi @OriolAbril ,

I installed arviz v0.11.2, and the colors option not available yet.
May I know which version has this colors option?

Thank you very much

If it has been released it will be available only in the latest version, 0.11.4. If it hasn’t been released then it will be available in the development version only. The link above has the installation instructions for the development version.