Project regarding GSOC 2024

Hi, @larryshamalama , I would like to work on this project for GSOC 2024, Improve log-probability inference of order statistics. I have earlier worked upon the projects related to statistics and probability. Can you please help, how to proceed further with this?

Hi @ayushp12, thanks for your interest. We usually recommend that you have a PR merged with PyMC; this can be as “easy” of a contribution as fixing a typo in the documentation. For GSoC’s application, you can draft a proposal and I can help provide feedback once you are ready for me to look at it.

Regarding order statistics, @Dhruvanshu_Joshi has made great progress last summer, so naturally the work that this project entails is an extension of his previous work. You can check out some of his PRs to have a sense how the logprob submodule infers log-density expressions from random graphs (e.g. PR 6968). Also a small FYI that he may have interest in continuing where he left off last summer