Prospective technical writer for Google Season of Docs(GSoD) 2021


I am Ronnie Gandhi, a Computer Science undergrad from IIT Roorkee in my final year.I am interested in working on PyMC’s documentation problem statement of proper integration and revision.

I have successfully completed GSoD2020 (my display name is Krezhairo) under LibreOffice , I have done GSoC 2019 , and 2020 under CGAL, and I have been contributing to open-source development for quite a while. I have also done Data Science internships at Microsoft , Hyderabad in 2019 and 2020.

I am very well versed with GitHub, git, and CLI tools. Also from my past GSoD2020 experience I know Sphinx, Markdown, reStructuredText, XML as well.

In terms of technical writing experience,

  • Under the Season of Docs 2020 program, I was given an opportunity to populate the wiki pages for the Calc functions of LibreOffice. I updated and populated the wiki pages for 340 of Calc functions in many categories for which the documentation was quite shallow and incomplete on the wiki pages.
    • For some of the examples of previous technical writing that I have successfully completed in GSoD 2020 under LibreOffice where I edited/populated 340+ sparse wiki pages of Calc functions. Some of the examples are as follows:
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If you want to look into more examples, you can find them here: Documentation/Calc Functions/List of Functions - The Document Foundation Wiki.

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For my c++ experience,

  • My GSoC2019 and GSoC2020 projects were completely in C++ and Qt5 (my display name is Krezhairo).

For my python experience,

As a data scientist intern at Microsoft, a large part of my work was in python and jupyter notebook. I have had multiple occasions to use PyMC. Also I have conceptual understanding of Bayesian statistics, EM, and Probabilistic distributions required in Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.

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Here is my GitHub link: RonnieGandhi (Ronnie Gandhi) · GitHub

Please do inform me about where do I need to share my Resume/CV.

About some of the possible ideas/suggestions:

→ we can have a layered architecture for docs where the most important information that most users are looking for will be right in front of them and those users interested in knowing things in detail can traverse down each layer to get further details. Much like a tree structure making sure that users can easily navigate. (Something I learned from previous GSoD)

→ One possible idea is to add some amount of UI like important notes and warning bars in the docs to inform users about special details.

→ Wherever needed we can add illustrations as well.

→ Add a downloadable jupyter notebook or link to google colab for users to interactively test the code and hence increasing user interaction and convenience.

Above are some ideas that I could have while going through the docs, although I believe we can have more ideas as I proceed through the doc development phase and also test feasibility of some ideas

(Also I am sorry that I had to break my proposal into multiple replies since I was prompted that I am not allowed to add more than 2 links in a post)

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By the way I believe we can refer to as a starting point for docs development

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Hi @Ronnie_Gandhi, have you sent a mail to fonnesbeck at gmail dot com as indicated at

We are happy to give feddback about the proposals and discuss documentation improvements here, but posting here is independent from the application and selection process :warning:

there is no mention of any email address on that page

Yes! we already based the proposal on that (we wrote that while it still was at the old url

In the contact us section, last paragraph, it is written as fonnesbeck at gmail dot com so it may not jump to the sight as an email but it is definitely there.

Sorry my bad :sweat_smile:

Also, the ideas sound great, thanks! I’ll try to comment on some of them later when I have more time, mostly from a feasibility side, there are many low hanging fruit opportunities related to docs in my opinion.

Sure please do mention the low hanging fruits, I’ll be happy to get them implemented.

Also I have emailed my resume and above mentioned ideas and experiences to the mentioned email just now.

Looking forward to working under your guidance.