Pycharm PyMC 5 - SIGKILL (signal 9) issue

Greetings all,

I’ve been using Pymc5 for a while on Apple M2 (8 GB ram, 256 GB SSD), Mac OS Ventura. However, all of a sudden, I got the SIGKILL exit code 137 signal 9. I know it signals insufficient RAM, so the process was killed yet… I have applied the same model many times and got no issues. Indeed, I provided the model here before. Exception: ('Compilation failed (return status=1)... error after installing PyMC3 for the first time - #16 by fatihbozdag

with model.backend.model:
    idata=pm.sampling_jax.sample_numpyro_nuts(draws= 2500, tune = 100, target_accept = .99, postprocessing_backend = 'cpu')
    posterior_predictive = pm.sample_posterior_predictive(trace = idata, extend_inferencedata=True)

Nothing has changed with the computer, no update, no new software install etc., but why this issue now? Reducing the number of draws does the trick, of course. yet it seems strange that out of nowhere I got into RAM issue.

It seems like the problem was PyCharm. I’ve just run the same code on Spyder, it worked like a charm.