Pymc import and verbose message in 4.1.x

I was using pymc 4.0.1 and after upgrading to 4.1.x, i get a new log message in the console just after import pymc, as below.

Using built-in specs.
Target: x86_64-w64-mingw32
Configured with: ../gcc-5.3.0/configure
gcc version 5.3.0

It seems to be a harmless info message about my GCC settings etc., but it is pretty long and polluting my console output.

I don’t want to disable some global logger setting in case i end up stopping some useful message such as max tree depth reached etc.

This is in windows and was not there in 4.0.1, if it helps.

How do i get rid of this message after import?

What version are you currently running? I think either @michaelosthege or @maresb was working on these message?

pymc ==4.1.4

4.1.4 was around the time when we fixed the import warnings at the Aesara level.

I don’t remember which exact Aesara/PyMC version finally fixed the import warnings as some warnings were fixed in different releases.
So I’d recommend to update to the latest release which should import silently.