PyMC Labs is bringing Bayes to business (and sponsoring PyMCon)

PyMC Labs is a team of applied statistics that are are the inventors of PyMC3, the leading platform for statistical data science. We have launched a consultancy to turn our expertise into your advantage. Our decades of experience in Bayesian modeling allows us to come up with unique and impactful solutions to your most challenging business problems.

Our team consists of PhDs, mathematicians, neuroscientists, and a former SpaceX rocket scientist. What unites us is our deep expertise and appreciation for Bayesian modeling as well as software design.

If you’re here then we don’t need to convince you about the utility of Bayesian methods, but sometimes even with that knowledge it’s not clear how to apply Bayesian methods to your organization.

So here’s how we can help. If any of these apply to you reach out to us at or reply directly to this post!

If you meet one or more of these requirements, we are likely to add value to your business:

  • You want to learn something about your business
    • Machine learning models are usually “black box” and do not give insight on what they actually learned
    • Bayesian models are open books and can be inquired into to understand exactly why certain answers are produced
  • You have structured data with any of these properties:
    • Nested / hierarchical data
    • Time-series data
    • Other non-trivially structured data sets
  • Your problem is not a simple prediction problem
    • If you have a large set of tabular data with labels and only care about prediction accuracy, machine learning will be the best tool
    • If you care about more than prediction, Bayesian modeling will be a good fit
  • You make decisions with real-world consequences based on noisy data
    • In this case it is important to take all possible interpretations of your data into account, not just the most likely
    • Bayesian statistics naturally supports this by modeling beliefs as distributions rather than scalar values
    • This results in more robust decisions that work across a whole range of plausible assumptions
  • You or your team has an interest in Bayesian statistics but don’t know where to start
    • Our team has experience working with statistics across industry and academia
    • We also have experience teaching these concepts at all levels

Problems in many domains meet these criteria as demonstrated by our customers in diverse fields ranging from finance, biotech, agriculture, pharma, adtech, supply chains and more.