Hiring data scientists with expertise and experience in bayesian stats and prob programming

Hi everyone,

We are a Bay Area-based Enterprise AI SaaS company with a strong focus on Bayesian statistics and probabilistic programming systems such as Pymc, Pyro, and stan. We are currently looking for passionate data scientists to join our team, individuals who are not only experts in Pymc/Pyro/stan but also have a deep understanding of modern Bayesian workflows for modeling and a keen interest in developing intuitive insights and interpretable models.


  • Collaborate with our team of experts to deliver high-value data science solutions to our enterprise clients
  • Develop and implement tailored Bayesian models to address specific problems, incorporating the data’s structure
  • Apply iterative development principles to identify low-hanging fruits and tackle more complex solutions for bigger problems
  • Maintain frequent communication with clients and the product team, providing transparent updates on project progress and outcomes
  • Work closely with our team of experts to gain a deep understanding of the client’s data structure and the specific problem they want to solve

If interested, please DM me.



Hey Zade,
I am quite interested in the opportunity!