PyMC-Marketing example method not present in package?

I am trying to reproduce the analysis done in the Example notebook for the new Pymc-marketing package.

However, some of the methods used seem to not be present in the package. in particular the DelayedSaturatedMMM.compute_mean_contributions_over_time, is used in the example, it is listed in the docs, but is not present in the actual package.

when running



AttributeError: 'DelayedSaturatedMMM' object has no attribute 'compute_mean_contributions_over_time'

Thanks for reporting @Brites. This looks like it might be a bug, so I opened an issue on our repo: compute_mean_contributions_over_time not found · Issue #263 · pymc-labs/pymc-marketing · GitHub Let’s discuss over there.

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@Brites You are looking at the dev version of the docs which includes the code not yet released in the development branch. The stable version of the docs, does not show the function: MMM Example Notebook — pymc-marketing 0.1.0 documentation


Anyway, we will try to cut a new release soon so that the method is available

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