[PyMC-Marketing] Question on total_budget parameter for budget allocation model

My question pertains to this example:


Specifically, consider the following config:

total_budget = 5 #Imagine is 5K or 5M
#Define your channels
channels = ['x1','x2']
#The initial split per channel
budget_per_channel = total_budget / len(channels)
#Initial budget per channel as dictionary.
initial_budget_dict = {channel: budget_per_channel for channel in channels}
#bounds for each channel
min_budget, max_budget = 1,5
budget_bounds = {channel: [min_budget, max_budget] for channel in channels}

Is the total_budget parameter a daily value (spend per day) or an aggregate value (spend per time period)?

The mmm model used in this example was trained with 179 date_week values. This is clear from MMM Example Notebook — pymc-marketing 0.4.2 documentation.

x1 and x2 had different aggregate spends during this time frame. In fact x1 had almost double the spend as x2.