PyMC3 on Apple M1-chip

Hello! Does anybody have experience with running PyMC3 on Apple’s new M1-chip? Is it even possible?

@fonnesbeck might have some experience already?

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Looking forward to PyMC3 with a JAX backend that is optimized for the M1-chip! Is jax optimized for m1 chips on macos? · Discussion #5084 · google/jax · GitHub

I’m using PyMC3 on a daily basis on the new M1 chip. Note that Python can be run both natively and under emulation via Rosetta2; I have only had success using the latter with PyMC3, but the performance is excellent. I’ve had a few issues with multiprocessing, but I anticipate most issues are temporary as the Python scientific stack evolves to accommodate the new hardware. So, things are far from optimized for M1 yet, but I am very productive on the platform.

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I actually already ordered a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip, so that’s good to hear :sweat_smile: Thanks for sharing your experience @fonnesbeck!