Shape of a function in PyMC3

I have the following function in PyMC3. The first argument is a bumpy array, the remaining two arguments are scalars between 0 and 1. How can I check the size of the return variable from this function? Simply printing the result does not help. The function seems to be a Theano function. What can I do? Thanks.

from theano import tensor as tt

def table_skin(sensitized, p_skin_if_sens, p_skin_ifnot_sens):
    # Seems more complicated than it has to be
    sens_true = tt.switch(tt.eq(sensitized, 1), p_skin_if_sens, 1-p_skin_if_sens)
    sens_false = tt.switch(tt.eq(sensitized, 0), p_skin_ifnot_sens, 1-p_skin_ifnot_sens)
    return tt.switch(tt.eq(sensitized, 1), sens_true, sens_false)

You can compile the function and pass real inputs, you can check the introductory example here: Theano at a Glance — Theano 1.1.2+29.g8b2825658.dirty documentation