SMC -ABC and further projects at PYMC3

Hi @junpenglao , I am exploring and reading papers about approximate bayesian computation (specially how to compute the epsilons in SMC-ABC) and i am free to work in the summer , will it be possible to extend the module and add missing features as a GSOC project ?

Apart from this what are the different projects at PYMC3 that I can contribute to , I have strong python skills and worked mainly on machine learning /statistical inference?

Hoping to hear from you soon !

Thanks for your interested! Although our GSOC 2019 plan does not include a ABC project, you might be able to contribute to implementing ABC to pymc4 (or pure tensorflow probability). I do need to double check with other devs to see if that’s possible tho.

Thanks for your response.That’s fine , I can contribute to pymc4 , I have been exploring pymc3 and testing some of the examples on SMC that i shared on the discourse and recently i experimented the dynamic models as well. It would be great to add these to pymc4.

Please let me know after cross checking with other devs.
Thanks again !

hello , please let me know others devs view about the possibility of the project (adding ABC,SMC-ABC to pymc4 ) ?


Turn into public post for visibility.

Thanks ,Now asked it as a public post.

@junpenglao ,not received any response yet. If there is no plan to add SMC-ABC / ABC to Pymc4 ,may you suggest about some other part that I should check/explore to contribute to it.

See Scope of implementing ABC,SMC-ABC in PYMC4 as GSOC 2019 Project

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Hi , I have asked on the thread about SMC-ABC for pymc4 as gsoc’19 project , I just want to make sure from you that should I plan to write proposal for this topic ?. I am currently exploring about the part module for prior predictive sampling.
I am planning to write two proposals for pymc4 so any other topic under your mentorship is most welcome.
I am sorry if these are dumb questions to be asked but i wanted to make sure so that I can understand the project in depth and write a perfect proposal.