Things happening that I am really excited about

We have three excellent GSoC 2017 projects going on this summer:

  • Maxime (@ferrine blog) is extending the functionality of Variational Inference (he already built many exciting VI algorithm in PyMC3);
  • Bhargav (@bhargavvader blog) is bringing Riemannian Manifold HMC to PyMC3;
  • Bill (@bwengals blog) is extending the functionality of Gaussian Process (he implemented the GP module in PyMC3).

In other news:

If I missed anything, let me know!

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PyMC4 thoughts that can be on top of pytorch:slight_smile:

Come on it desire a threat of its own :smile:

We’re still working on verifying and refactoring the sequential monte carlo sampler (courtesy of some hard work from hvasbath!) – I think @junpenglao has some good ideas on extending that

Some ideas yes :wink:
Mainly trying to refactor SMC and extent it to better integrate with Approximate Bayesian Computation methods.

Also super excited about getting a machine to run benchmarks in various languages!
Would be very cool to have some mix of speed comparisons (a la Julia benchmarks) and style comparisons (a la Bob Carpenter’s Hello, World! essay).

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