Staff Data Scientist at Shopify building Bayesian models

Staff Data Scientist – Experiments (Remote, Americas)

Build a world-class experiments platform: Do you want to lead experimentation across one of the fastest growing companies? Do you want to solve challenging inference problems at scale? Do you enjoy educating others not just on experiment design but also on statistics, including Bayesian approaches? If you are excited about scaling up experimentation across Shopify, then continue reading.

The Experiments team, under Data Platform, is hiring an individual contributor Data Scientist to help us evolve our platform to experiment at scale across Shopify teams who depend on us to make good decisions quickly and safely. Beyond internal use, you will help us explore how millions of our merchants can leverage the Experiments Platform.

What you will do:

  • Work closely with your data engineering peers to evolve the Experiments Platform. Example areas: standardize and improve frequentist and bayesian models, determine the health of experiment metrics, automate guardrail metrics, measure long term effects, handle concurrent experiments, and tackle small sample size and multiple-comparisons problems.
  • With support from your engineer peers, you will implement, test, and productionize new experiment features and techniques. Your role will have massive scope and impact on the organization at all levels. You are even willing to jump into ETL work when it is needed.
  • Lead practical discussions about experiment design and analysis across the organization. You will be an experimentation and statistics thought leader, inspiring individual contributors’ creativity and driving for impact.
  • Host onboarding sessions and workshops to educate teams on experimentation and to help with challenging experiment setups.
  • Strengthen and promote good statistical practices, disseminating causal inference and Bayesian approach knowledge across the organization.


  • PhD in Statistics (or equivalent) and strong engineering knowledge, or MS in CS (or equivalent) with strong statistical knowledge.
  • You bring significant industry experience in controlled experiments.
  • Proficiency in Python or R, and SQL.
  • Ideal: 5+ years of industry experience.

Get in touch if you are interested.