Standard uses of PyMC3 in industry


Hi all,
I get asked this question too much. So I’m writing this question here.

“We are X a tech company with Y number of users, and some funding how could we use PyMC3”.

I’ll assume for the sake of argument it’s an e-commerce or similar type of company. So trying to keep this general.

A/B testing
Generative models for understanding probability of conversion.
Bayesian survival analysis for understanding churn
Bayesian changepoint models for understanding when a distribution changes like in Dev ops analysis or when a marketing promos is launched.
Forecasting yield or ROI in advertising.
Hierarchical models for predicting pricing



We use a hierarchical model to predict SKU demand by week (Warehouse > Style > SKU).


One approach that got mentioned was - Used to infer true work item labels when provided noisy estimates by crowd workers. Used the Dawid-Skene model.


What if you’re a non-profit organization? How could we use Pymc3 there?
I happen to be in the youth development, mentoring field. I’m thinking I could use pymc3 to identify changepoints related to our policies in order to identify time of change. Perhaps I could also use pymc3 to understand when a volunteer might stop mentoring a child within the Program, although I’m not 100% sure what I would use for that…

What else could we use pymc3 for within the non-profit sector?


I see no logical reasons why ‘industry’ couldn’t apply to non-profits either. The application you describe sounds a good one. You might want to use something like survival analysis for your mentoring ‘attrition’ problem. You can use PyMC3 to build those sorts of things.