Statistical Re-Rethinking, PyMC3 version?

I know Richard McElreath is preparing the second edition of his book. How crazy will be to have an official PyMC3 version of it? I guess this could mean several things, two of them are:

  • Two printed versions one using R/Stan, one Python/PyMC3
  • Just one printed version (R/Stan) plus one official repository with the PyMC3 code

For this to happen we will need to have an agreement with the Author (and editorial), and we will need early access to the drafts. Porting the code should be easy given that we already have the first edition almost completely ported, and even if the second edition is completely new we could distribute chapters among several of us.

If this, somehow, generates profits, all money could be used to directly support PyMC3 development, I guess @fonnesbeck and others have a better picture of what is needed (if anything) in this regard.



This would be great, @aloctavodia. Is the author amenable to this plan? Have you contacted him?

I haven’t yet, I did not want to contact him without knowing if the idea has at least some support. I have only discussed this (very briefly) with @AustinRochford, he knows a guy that works (or used to work) with the author.

I met Richard McElreath in a conference back in April - I can send him an email if all agree.

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So @junpenglao is going to contact Richard McElreath?

I will send him an email and cced to you.


@aloctavodia That’s an excellent idea! Should definitely push for that.

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Hey! Just saw this. I can contact my friend Brendan if it would be helpful, but it sounds like we’re going straight to the source.

I emailed Richard yesterday and he replied to me promptly, basically he loved the idea to have the R and Python codes of the 2nd edition ready for release. He will keep us posted when there is a stable version of the 2nd edition (he said maybe a year from now).


It’s, almost, a year from then. Any updates on this? I would be happy to help out as well!


Seconded! I’d also be happy to help out as well :slight_smile:

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