Switch point Metropolis tuning

Thanks so much for all the help, works perfectly! :slight_smile:

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This was debugged by applying experience and reasoning while viewing the code. Is there a way to drive out the problem thru debugging messages? for example, can you print out some values as it approaches the breaking point? I am debugging thru the same error.

it was a lot of printing, but I found the bug!

where is it? How did you find it?

I printed out one intermediate variable at a time and observed the trend. The culprit had much larger value than expected. A lot of lines got printed out for sure, but I stopped the run as soon as I see something fishy.

I found one bug using Theano.printing now there is another bug with the same error message. I printed out tons of lines until it crashed but still no signs of out of range from the print out. Is there a way to do conditional printing?