Theano, TensorFlow and the Future of PyMC


This is great news that pymc3 will continuously be supported by a strong team of developers, while building a long-term, solid pymc4. Thank you to all the developers and users that have been supporting this for so long.

A few remarks, some of which might have already been addressed, but I’m a new user, so judge me tenderly:

  1. Our mission should be clear to the world and all contributers and users on our website/app/portal. We have a lot to offer to the world and we are unique in that we strive to be the most comprehensive, outstanding probabilistic program for the pythonic community (or something along those lines).

  2. There should be clear guidelines on how to contribute to the community of pymc3 and pymc4 whether you are a developer or just a user like me.

  3. Where can we by pymc3 stickers or swagg for those of us proud to be part of this wonderful community.

  4. Junpenglao suggested I call myself a pymcie/ee or a pymceur. :hugs:


Thanks for all your time and effort.:grin:

Hey Adam!

  1. I agree that those are things to strive for, though I think a healthy curiosity (and respect!) of the ecosystem is good too. I sometimes describe PyMC3 to colleagues as about 2 weeks behind Stan in our statistics, and 20% slower (total guess!) in actual speed. Projects like Edward, emcee, and Pyro also provide inspiration for features/API design.
  2. This could be a great contribution, to help organize ways of contributing :smiley: . More specifically, I think a lot of our documentation could use clarification, proofreading, and reorganization. Carol Willing just gave a talk at PyCon about Sphinx, though smaller contributions don’t require knowing any of that. Also participation in these forums - whether questions or (especially?) sharing applications is super helpful.
  3. I have gotten stickers from StickerMule in the past, but they don’t have a “store” as such, so you have to actually upload the logo from the github repo, which is a pain. Most conferences with NumFOCUS have a lot of stickers, or if you get a contribution merged and send me an address (or find me in Boston), I will mail you some stickers.
  4. That second one looks like it might get everyone in trouble with Pimsleur :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank your, colcarroll. Points well made.

So I guess I am a Pymceer :wink:

Just chiming in on the stickers: for fun I just ordered myself a sample pack of 10 ~6"x2" for $10 using the *.svg file from github, fairly painless via StickerMule.

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