Trouble accessing pytensor docs from Japan

I’m having trouble accessing from Japan. Every time I try to access the page, I get a “Verify you are human” checkbox to tick from cloudflare. When the page does load, it’s in plain HTML. I’ve tried accessing from multiple locations and I get the same issue.

Is there a webmaster I can contact to get this issue solved?

Does this only happen with pytensor docs? PyMC ones show a different url but are also hosted on readthedocs. Can you try the following websites for example?

I’ll see how to contact readthedocs about this, it seems quite strange. Especially the 2nd part of the css not loading once you manage to access the website

It’s working now. No captcha or css errors.

It was only happening on pytensor docs. For pymc docs I got a captcha each time, but the css loaded after that.

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