Variational Inference: Bayesian Neural Networks, nonbinary classification

Here is a nice example for binary classification, I am trying to modify the neural network for nonbinary classification.
I used iris dataset as a toy example with 3 classes

from sklearn.datasets import load_iris
iris = load_iris()
df = pd.DataFrame(, columns=iris.feature_names)

# reduce the dimension of features to 2  # not sure is necessary
from sklearn.manifold import TSNE
tsne = TSNE(n_components=2, random_state=0)
X_2d = tsne.fit_transform(X)

then fed it into the neural network constructor:

def construct_nn(X_train, Y_train, 

    # Initialize random weights between each layer
    init_1 = rng.standard_normal(size=(X_train.shape[1], n_hidden)).astype(floatX)
    init_2 = rng.standard_normal(size=(n_hidden, n_hidden)).astype(floatX)
    init_out = rng.standard_normal(size=n_hidden).astype(floatX)

    coords = {
        "hidden_layer_1": np.arange(n_hidden),
        "hidden_layer_2": np.arange(n_hidden),
        "train_cols": np.arange(X_train.shape[1]),
        # "obs_id": np.arange(X_train.shape[0]),
    with pm.Model(coords=coords) as neural_network:
        ann_input = pm.Data("ann_input", X_train, mutable=True, dims=("obs_id", "train_cols"))
        ann_output = pm.Data("ann_output", Y_train, mutable=True, dims="obs_id")

        # Weights from input to hidden layer
        weights_in_1 = pm.Normal(
            "w_in_1", 0, sigma=1, initval=init_1, dims=("train_cols", "hidden_layer_1")

        # Weights from 1st to 2nd layer
        weights_1_2 = pm.Normal(
            "w_1_2", 0, sigma=1, initval=init_2, dims=("hidden_layer_1", "hidden_layer_2")

        # Weights from hidden layer to output
        weights_2_out = pm.Normal("w_2_out", 0, sigma=1, initval=init_out, dims="hidden_layer_2")

        # Build neural-network using tanh activation function
        act_1 = pm.math.tanh(, weights_in_1))
        act_2 = pm.math.tanh(, weights_1_2))
        act_out = pm.math.sigmoid(, weights_2_out))
        out = pm.Categorical(
            total_size=Y_train.shape[0],  # IMPORTANT for minibatches
    return neural_network

just replaced pm.Bernoulli with pm.Categorical

floatX = pytensor.config.floatX
X = scale(X_2d)
X = X.astype(floatX)
Y = Y.astype(floatX)
X_train, X_test, Y_train, Y_test = train_test_split(X, Y , test_size=0.3)
neural_network = construct_nn(X_train, Y_train)

but this gives inf

approx =
approx.hist # array of inf

any idea?