Y-axis is missing from trace_plots in pymc3

I am new to PyMC3 and I’m currently running my first codes regarding Bayesian Inference.

When I run my pm.Model () code, it returns the plot_traces for my parameters, but without Y-axis values in the “plot_dist” graph in the left area of the plot (namely the “Frequency” values). Both the axis label and the values are missing.

How could I overcome this? Are there any specific directions or lines of code to include in my model in order to appear the y-axis?

I would appreciate it if someone knows what is happening in this theme.
Thank you in advance!

Are you asking about the distributions included as part of plot_trace()? I think the intent of those is to provide information about the sampling procedure. If you are interested in exploring the distributions themselves, you might want to check out plot_dist()?

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Thank you for your answer, I also see this direction.

Indeed, precisely in these distributions I’m referring to.
Navigating to similar topics I see that some of these distributions have “Frequency” and “Sample value” labels as well as visible frequency values in their Y-axes (exactly at the left side of each plot), like the screenshot below:

However, in my case, these values and labels are missing, as you can see in the image below:
Ladj-Bs Ανωδομή-Προβολοδόμηση

I would like to know if there is any differentiation in the code lines in the pm.Model() for extracting the two above plots.

P.S.: I ran some sample code from the Internet in my Jupyter Notebook to see if I get Y-axis labels and values, but even then it doesn’t show them.
I’m wondering if it’s a pymc3 version issue or if I’ve missed the import of a specific library/package that imports the axes and their values.
I can attach part of my code if you think it is necessary.

Thank you again!

Strange. Well on the official documentation page for az.plot_trace(), none of the examples have the y-axis labeled. But I’m not sure if that behavior has changed or if it’s an option that one can set. @OriolAbril ?

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