Gsoc-2022 Project

Hello everyone, I am a computer engineering major. I’d like to contribute the Refactor step sampler API during GSoC 2022.
I am familiar with common Python libraries such as Numpy, pandas, scikit learn, Jupyter notebook, and git. I’m also acquainted with general regression models. I would have loved to work on this.

It would be great if you (@ricardoV94 @RavinKumar) could assist me in getting started, perhaps by suggesting things to work on. Please tell me how we can begin learning and exploring this together.

Thank you very much
Mansi Pandey


Thank you for your interest. The best thing to do would be to start drafting a proposal, I’ve added some resources below.

The proposal should roughly contain

  • A high level summary of what you intend to do
  • Why its needed
  • A list of deliverables
    • This should include a documentation, tests, and blog posts
  • Schedule of deliverables
  • What support you need from the PyMC Team
  • A list of any prior work in this area or in OSS in general

Feel free to share ask any questions here, and share a draft with us as well!
Hope this helps


thank you so much sir
could you please share me some basic idea about this project so that i can start my learning
what i have to do in this ,

Mansi my apologies, I missed this reply. I hope you were able to get a proposal in!