Installing on windows 10

I am having trouble installing on windows 10 in visual studio code for ipynb files as well as in anaconda, anyone have any tips for getting pymc to work?

Hi. Maybe a bit late. But after having issues with relative frequency on Windows, I came up with a an installation order mixing conda a pip that works very well for me (on Windows 11) and is quite stable. I usually go for:

conda create -n pymc_env
conda install spyder-kernels
conda install -c conda-forge “pymc==5.9.1”
pip install notebook
conda install m2w64-toolchain
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade “jax[cpu]”
pip install numpyro

I would manage all other extra needed packages (e.g. geopandas) with pip, if possible. Hope this helps.


What problems are you having, specifically?