Is there any plan on making the installation possible with pip?

The question is simple. Just curious to know why when I try to install with pip I get the following error:
InvalidVersion: Invalid version: '0.1.43ubuntu1' (package: python-debian)

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Bringing this back up. Would love a pip installation for latest version.

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Wait, what? You can install pymc with pip. What problems do you have with the installation?

Back when v4 came out there was lots of discussion on why devs could only get it to work with conda. Official documentation only shows installation steps for conda. I’ve tried it with pip recently and get various errors

My understanding is that installing PyMC via pip is fine. If you do, however, installing all the various pieces of the C backend that PyTensor relies on (for fast sampling) ends up being your responsibility (and installing C compilers and associated tooling is a very platform-/hardware-specific operation). Conda-forge has pre-compiled packages for these components (for various platforms, easing the the creation of functional (i.e., fast) PyMC environments.