LKJCorr parameters

I am trying to use a line of example code

C_triu = pm.LKJCorr('C_triu', n=2, p=2)

but when i check out the JKJCorr API page it says JKJCorr parameters are n and eta. What is the parameter p that is passed in the above line of code?
Thank you

Where did you get that example with p?

I didn’t bookmark it. Overflow maybe. That’s the piece of code. Someone was trying to modify the radon set example.

C_triu = pm.LKJCorr('C_triu', n=2, p=2)
    C = tt.fill_diagonal(C_triu[np.zeros((2,2), 'int')], 1.)
    sigma_diag = tt.nlinalg.diag(sigma)
    cov = tt.nlinalg.matrix_dot(sigma_diag, C, sigma_diag)
    tau = tt.nlinalg.matrix_inverse(cov)

    ab = pm.MvNormal('ab', mu=mu, tau=tau, shape=(n_counties, 2))

It could be that the paramrter used to be called p and was later renamed to eta, or that it use to do something else and was then removed in favor of eta.

Ok, thank you for your reply.

It still works as p parameter though. If I run the code it executes this piece as is.

What version of PyMC are you using?

I am using ‘3.11.5’.