Looking for Letters of Support for Grant Application

Hey everybody,

With PyTensor (PyMC’s core tensor library) we’re applying for an NSF grant and are looking for letters of support from academic as well as industry and non-profit institutions.

Would anyone here be willing/able to sign one (we can provide a draft)? Basically it would just say that the tool has been useful at your institution and that you would like to see it succeed. This can certainly be through the usage of PyMC that PyTensor was helpful.

Feel free to email/message/reply. thomas.wiecki@gmail.com




It has been super helpful for my Master’s Thesis. I worked on Bayesian for my academic research.


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I have used PYMC largely in my PhD and eventual future publications. Happy to sign.

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Hi Thomas,

Happy to sign the letter as I use PyMC all the time. My email is hyosub.kim@ubc.ca.

Good luck!


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Hi Thomas,

I happy to do it! I am working for JP Morgan Chase and using PyMC for building financial models.
email: dushyant.sahoo@jpmchase.com

Thank You,

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Hi Thomas,

Hope you’re doing well!

I’d be happy to sign a letter of support. As you may recall, I’m using PyMC at Overstone Art.

I’d appreciate a draft letter to sign.


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Thomas, I would consider providing LOS for your grant. We’re just starting to use PyMC but I’ve been following its development for a while now and think the PyMC team is doing a great job. If you can send me your summary/abstract, grant #, and a draft, I can take it from there.


pcox@evimero-research.com (w)
coxpaulg@gmail.com (h)

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We are avid fans of PyMC over here at MARS Petcare and I would be happy to sign a letter of support.

Thank you,

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Count me in.

Dear Thomas,

I am more than willing to help. The tool has indeed been useful and beneficial in our team and we would like to see it succeed and continue to contribute to the field of PyMC.

I have drafted a letter detailing our use and support of PyTensor and how it has improved our work efficiency. Please let me know if it suits your requirements and feel free to suggest any modifications, if needed.

Looking forward to the advancement of PyTensor.

Best Regards,

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I’m in. Can write how I use pymc as a data scientist at Amazon.

Dear Thomas,

At Universidad del Valle we will be glad to sign. Do you have a template or something with more detail about that to include?



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Thank you all so much for offering to help – this community is really amazing and the amount of messages I received is truly humbling.

I will reach out to a few of you where we see a particularly good story/fit (the number of letters we can include is very limited).

If I don’t reach out to you specifically, know that I’m deeply appreciative of your willingness to support PyMC and be a contributing member of this community.