Online Developer Sprint

The PyMC Team is working towards the v4 release !

Next week (May 30 - June 5), we will be holding a (virtual) developer sprint/hackathon to try and finish off the last several issues associated with the 4.0 milestone. Preliminary details can be found here and additional dates will be posted to the Meetup group.

As outlined in the Meetup event, this event is open to experienced community members. Given the time-sensitive nature of the agenda, it will be helpful if folks to already be familiar with PyMC, setting up virtual environments, git and github workflows, and general familiarity with contributing to open source projects (PyMC or otherwise).

For new/beginner contributors, we are currently in the middle of planning an upcoming series of open source working sessions likely occurring later this year. If that sounds more appealing to you, we would encourage you to join our Meetup groupso that you stay informed about this and other future events.

Beginner Contributors

For beginner contributors, we encourage you to:

(a) Check out our PyMC series of videos on probabilistic programming and contributing.

(b) Check out the text of documentation tutorial here: step-by-step Docstring Tutorial


There are now separate meetup events for each day/session next week. You can see them all here and RSVP to those you might attend.

Also, if you have questions about the sprint, please feel free to ask here and we’ll do our best to answer!