PyMC3 sprint in London

Hey guys,

We’ll be hosting a PyMC3 on the 24th, in London. Peadar will be hosting it, and will give an intro about PyMC3 code base.

We were discussing if focussing in beginner-friendly issues is the best option.

To give some context. We’ve got a Pandas sprint last week, 20 people attended, some great Python programmers, but just one contributed to open source before. So, we’ll have to spend a decent amount of time mentoring on how to fork, branch, send PR…

Let me know if anyone has an idea on a different approach for the sprint (e.g. working all us in a specific feature). Or if you have some tickets that you want to suggest. Something that is not necessarily beginner-friendly, but that doesn’t require a lot of PyMC3 knowledge.

This is our group, in case anyone is curious. And of course, feel free to join if you’re in London or can attend.