Outreachy Applicant -Sunday Mgbogu

Hello All,

My name is Sunday Mgbogu.
I am Outreachy applicant for the current round.

I am interested in working PyMC throughout the internship round and for a long term and have taken particular interest in this project Outreachy internships working with PyMC

I would appreciate guides on the tasks I can work on during this initial contribution phase.

I hope to learn more about PyMC, and other statistical analysis skills while growing in the community.

Thanks and I appreciate all guides

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Welcome @digitalsimboja!

Happy to see people interested in working with pymc. From the link I see you want to work on the “Add adaptation to BlackJAX samplers” project, so I am tagging co-mentors @junpenglao and @rlouf here too.

To begin with, I’d recommend getting started with some small contributions to pymc3 or to pymc-examples repo to familiarize yourself with the github contribution process as well as our style guide and collaboration conventions.

After that I’d suggest to start working on slightly more challenging v4.

Note that we have just frozen PRs to master for a while, until we can merge v4 into it, so you should submit the PRs to v4, not to master.

This is noted with Thanks.