Problem starting sampling

When I try and start sampling, the sampling never actually starts and I’m not sure why because an error isn’t being thrown.

python 3.8.8
pymc3 3.11.3

with pm.Model() as weibull_time:
    beta_offense = pm.Normal('offense',mu=0.0,sigma=5,shape=total_teams)
    beta_defense = pm.Normal('defense',mu=0.0,sigma=5,shape=total_teams)
    beta_ha = pm.HalfCauchy('home_adv',beta=.5,shape=total_teams)
    beta_gd = pm.Normal('goal_difference',mu=0.0,sigma=5,shape=total_gd)
    beta_og = pm.Normal('off_goals',mu=0.0,sigma=5,shape=total_og)
    beta_dg = pm.Normal('def_goals',mu=0.0,sigma=5,shape=total_dg)
    s = pm.HalfNormal("s", 5.0)

    mu_chance = beta_offense[home_adv_data_uncensored['offense'].values] + beta_defense[home_adv_data_uncensored['defense'].values]\
        + beta_ha[home_adv_data_uncensored['home_adv'].values] + beta_gd[home_adv_data_uncensored['goal_difference'].values]\
        + beta_og[home_adv_data_uncensored['rolling_off_goal_count'].values] + beta_dg[home_adv_data_uncensored['rolling_def_goal_count'].values]

    y_obs = pm.Gumbel('y_obs',mu=mu_chance,beta=s,observed=home_adv_data_uncensored['survival_std'].values)

with weibull_time:
    trace = pm.sample(tune=1000, cores=1, chains=1)

Any ideas as to why this would fail to even start? I’ve been using Bayesian Parametric Survival Analysis with PyMC3 — PyMC3 3.10.0 documentation as a rough guide for this problem

Can you put together a minimum working example? Hard to diagnose without something to play with. I will say that running a single MCMC chain is not advised (many diagnostics compare various statistics across the different chains you run).

I haven’t been able to put together a minimum working example as I have already cut down on data to get a working model. I’ve also had problems with multiple chains because I’m on Windows but first want to get a single chain working before I tackle that issue. I have attached the data for context.uncensored_data.csv (320.2 KB)

You should be able to run multiple chains on a single core. I took some guesses as to what total_teams, total_gd, total_og, and total_dg should be and it seems to be sampling just fine (slowly, chugging along).