PyMCon Web Series CFP: Share Your Ideas!

Hello Bayesian Community!

The call for proposals (CFP) for our PyMCon Web Series is still open!
For the complete details and to submit your proposal, please visit: Call for Proposals · PyMCon Web Series

The PyMCon Web Series is an asynchronous-first virtual conference for the Bayesian community. If you’re passionate about Bayesian methodologies and eager to contribute to the greater Bayesian community, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

We welcome a wide range of ideas and formats for this conference. Whether you have a talk, a tutorial, a demo, an engaging roundtable discussion, an exciting hackathon, or any other event idea, we want to hear from you! Your creativity is highly encouraged and welcomed.

By submitting your event idea, you’ll have the chance to collaborate closely with a PyMCon Event Lead who will support you in refining and launching your event. This partnership will ensure that your idea reaches its full potential and delivers maximum value to the attendees.

Browse through the previous events for more details :point_right: PyMCon Events · PyMCon Web Series
We can’t wait to see your ideas and contributions that will shape this PyMCon Series!

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