2 days left -- PyMCon 2020 Call for Proposals!

Our Call for Proposals (CFP) for PyMCon 2020 is open today!

More information about the conference and CFP can be found here.

PyMCon is an asynchronous conference centered about PyMC3.

We have three types of submissions we are looking for :

  • Talks
    • Traditional talks (30 to 40 minutes)
  • Tutorials
    • Covers a topic with more detail than a normal talk (60 minutes)
  • Let’s Build a Model
    • This new format walks through the process of creating a Bayesian model from scratch (60 minutes)

All videos of accepted submissions will be pre-recorded and uploaded ahead of time. Prior to the conference, we’ll open up discussion on Discourse for 1 week, and finally have synchronous conversations during the actual conference in November between the presenters and attendees.

The deadline to apply is September 4th, wherever you are, and the final submissions for accepted speakers will likely be the first week of October.

We welcome any questions and clarifications about the conference you may have!

More importantly, we’re looking forward to all your exciting and informative submissions!

- Your PyMCon 2020 Organizers


Is there a mailing list for PyMCon news updates? I would like reminders in my inbox as the November date approaches!

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Hey @SteveSimmons. Welcome!, News updates will be posted in the pymcon category and on the website pymcon.com! Just keep an eye out and subscribe to topics like these to stay up to date https://discourse.pymc.io/c/pymcon/12

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Only 11 days left in PyMCon CFP. Be sure to start getting your submissions in!


CFP closes on Sep 4, so only two days left to submit folks!
Looking forward to seeing all your amazing proposals :wink:

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